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Outing #22: Diaries for Extraordinary Times

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, Netherlands


This week the Adventure Whales are focusing on Social Justice Heroes & Sheroes. In particular, we’re learning about young people who found ways to share their voices in the face of injustice. Our first stop was the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

To join our adventure, start with this online lesson introducing Anne's story created by the Anne Frank House museum.

Then, tour the secret annex yourself complete with short videos and excerpts from Anne’s diaries.

The museum has several other wonderful videos and resources on their website. Here are a couple that I enjoyed:


  • How is our life during the coronavirus pandemic similar to Anne’s time in the annex? How is it different?

  • If you had to hide in the secret annex with Anne, what aspects of life would be most difficult for you?

  • Who were the heroes in Anne’s story? How did they try to stand up to injustice and oppression?

  • While most of our lives are not nearly as dangerous and difficult as Anne’s experience, we are living through an important time in history. What could you write in your diary or journal to explain what it is like to live through the coronavirus pandemic for kids learning about it in the future?


Make your own journal to document your experience living in a unique, and sometimes scary, time in history. This video from the Cincinnati Museum Center gives you several simple ideas for making your own journal. Or, get fancy with the Children's Museum of Houston.


Share a photo of your journal and something you'll write inside in the comments below, via Facebook, or by email!

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