Journal of Be(e)utiful Pla(y)ces

Whales on Vacation

Hello Virtual Adventurers! The Adventure Whales are going down to one outing a week for the summer. Unless folks really want to keep following the blog, I am going to take a hiatus from posting our itineraries. That said, feel free to be in touch if you want more ideas for virtual adventures. We'll still be exploring together, but also trying to carve out time for real (socially distanced) outdoor fun for the summer months. As always, feel free to contact me via the comments below, Facebook, or email. Wishing you many adventures of one type or another this summer! Kyrie & the Adventure Whales

Outing #31: For Time Immemorial

Oregon: Indigenous Peoples’ Homelands and Contemporary Tribal Reservations EXPLORE To continue our exploration of Social Justice Heroes & Sheroes in our region, our next outing focuses on the past, present, and future of Oregon’s Indigenous communities. Indigenous people have called the Northwest home since time immemorial. While the last 150+ years have been a dark period in their long history, Tribal communities also have many stories of bravery, perseverance, and beauty that we should all learn about. Most importantly, it is important for us to know that Indigenous peoples and cultures are still very much alive in Oregon and around the country. Native communities are doing amazing work to

Outing #30: Racing to Change Oregon

Oregon Historical Society, Portland, OR & Museum of Natural and Cultural History, Eugene, OR EXPLORE This week was supposed to be "Island Adventures" for the Adventure Whales. But with all of the turmoil in the country right now, our virtual vacation had to wait. At my younger child’s suggestion, this week will be "Social Justice Sheroes and Heroes: Part 2." To help our virtual adventurers understand the context for the protests here in Portland and beyond, we decided to start with some history. Many people, especially White people, think of the South when they think about racist history. But, racism is embedded in the history of every place in the US, especially Oregon. Thankfully, the Oreg

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