Journal of Be(e)utiful Pla(y)ces

Traveling with Kids: Paradise or Hell?

Mt. Rainier National Park Washington, USA This July, I celebrated my 40th birthday by seeking outdoor adventure with my friend Kim, our combined brood of four kids, and a very full Toyota Highlander. The Grand Finale of our 25 day tour was to invite friends and family to camp with us at Mt. Rainier National Park. When I told people about our planned trip, many of them said, “Oh, fun!” But, just as many said, “Whoa, that sounds like my own personal hell.” So, which was it? Honestly, both. The Bloom: What’s the attraction? I chose Mt. Rainier for the culmination of my big 4-0 for several reasons. One, it’s gorgeous. Two, I hadn’t been there since I was a kid. Three, it is easy to get to from P

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