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The collaborative interpretive work that we do will encourage people to value the diversity, beauty, struggle, and resilience of our interconnected natural and cultural heritage.



Connect diverse people, ideas, and resources to create transformative learning experiences.


Purpose: I focus on useful, realistic plans and products that support an organization’s mission. I think strategically so that projects can have the most impact with the resources available.


Integrity: I act according to my values and follow through on my commitments. I believe in the power of an integrated, thematic approach to connect people with places, ideas, and each other.


Play: I value creativity, imagination, and opportunities to connect as people. I feel that using playful, inclusive processes create more engaging products.

Social Justice: I strive to practice social and environmental justice with humility. I believe that the process of how and with whom we do our work is as important as the product. I will always ask, “who is not in the room?” and “why not?”

Collaboration: I am a team player. I value diverse skills and perspectives. I believe that we will always do better work if we partner with our communities.

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