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How do I know if Mason Bee  is a good fit for my needs?

If you need someone to help you develop an interpretive plan, create a new educational experience, or write a federal grant, get a hold of me. I’m happy to chat with you about your needs, ideas, and goals. If you don’t have a clear vision for a specific project yet, that’s fine too. In fact, helping you identify a strategic course of action is where I can often be most useful.


After we both understand your needs, we will discuss if I’m the right person to help you. If yes, we will create a scope of work clearly outlining a project timeline, budget, and task list. If I’m not a perfect fit, I’d be happy to refer you to other colleagues who might meet your needs.

What informs your work?

I incorporate research from a variety of fields into my work, and strive to constantly learn more. Here are a few fields that are particularly important:

  • Interpretation 

  • Informal science education

  • Youth development

  • Communication and cognitive psychology 

  • Design thinking and human-centered design

  • Critical Social Justice Education

  • Culturally-Sustaining Pedagogy

  • Applied Anthropology

How do you apply theory and research to your practice?

The fields mentioned above inform my working theory of change for free-choice learning:

  1. People use their SENSES and FEELINGS to navigate in the world.

  2. The most natural and impactful ways to engage people’s senses and feelings are through PLAY and STORY.

  3. Play and story help people form CONNECTIONS to other people, places, objects, and ideas.

  4. THEMES and SOCIAL EXPERIENCES integrate the connections people make to BUILD COMMUNITY and MEANING.

  5. All of these processes are impacted by CULTURE and SOCIAL LOCATION.

Got a better theory of change? Have some research to totally upend my thinking? Tell me!

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