Journal of Be(e)utiful Pla(y)ces

A Mother’s Plea for Waffle Trees (Part 1)

Our Neighborhood School (and probably yours, too) Portland, OR, USA My kid’s school playground sucks. That’s OK, yours probably does too. What would make them better? Answer #1: Less blacktop, more Waffle Trees The Bloom: What’s the attraction? To be honest, the attraction of our local school playground is mostly that it’s close. That, and my kid goes to school there. You wouldn’t seek out this playground otherwise. That said, we spend a lot of time there after and so do many other families in our neighborhood. The Nectar: What’s sweet about this place? The best part of our school playground is the Waffle Tree. No, it doesn’t grow waffles (that would be really rad!) It is a cedar tree that s

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