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Outing #19: Boiling Rivers and Blasting Geysers



The Adventure Whales swam to Northern waters today to visit the crazy geology capital of the world: Iceland. I mean, they have volcanoes that you can go inside, the original geyser, a boiling river, and hot springs everywhere.

To get a taste for the geologic wonders of Iceland, check out this National Geographic Next video.

Then, learn more about why geysers erupt with SciShow Kids.

Bonus: If you really want to go deep into geyser science, you can also learn more from geyser researchers at UC Berkeley.


  • Which geologic wonders in Iceland would be at the top of your “must visit” list?

  • People in Iceland find also sorts of uses for their abundant geothermal energy (underground heat) and hot water. What can you imagine using it for?

  • Would you want to live in Iceland? Why or why not?


Learn more about geysers (and some unconventional uses for them) from Fetch with this on-line game from PBS Kids.

Make your own geyser using alka seltzer and water bottles (activity description at the bottom of this post). We found that the experiment works really well with water bottles that have a built-in straw and water-tight cap like the one in the photo. Just be careful--they can really get the water flying!


Show us your geysers and geothermal Icelandic adventures in the comments below, via Facebook, or by email!

Image credit: Created by Eli Kellett using PicsArt

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