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Outing #16: Do You Like Boring Things?

Tate, London, UK

Update! With many schools starting remote learning this week, Virtual Outings will move to twice a week. The plan is to post our adventures every Monday and Wednesday.


Our team of adventurers decided to explore Art and Imagination this week. To kick off our travels, we visited Tate--the famous art museum in the UK. They have an AMAZING collection of kids activities on their website. We focused on Pop Art, but there are lots of other topics to dive into as well.

To join us, start with a sweet Tate Kids video introducing Pop Art and the movement’s most famous artists (including Andy Warhol who famously said, “I life boring things.”). Then, take the quiz to find out: Which Pop Artist Are You?

Want more? Try their other quizzes here.


  • Which Pop Art pieces do you like the most? Why?

  • Which Pop Artist feels the most like you? The most different? Why?

  • Do you like “boring things” like Andy Warhol? If so, what “boring thing” would you make into art?


All of the activities on the Tate Kids site are great. Here are a few that we particularly enjoyed:

Then, make your own Andy Warhol-style self portraits.

If you really get inspired, join the Getty Museum’s Recreate Art Challenge!


Post your artistic (re)creations in the comments below, via Facebook, or by email!

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