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Outing #15: Making Reservations at ISS

International Space Station, Orbiting Earth


What would it be like to live in space? To find out, the Adventure Whales visited the International Space Station. The, we imagined what it would take to voyage beyond Earth’s orbit to Mars or beyond.

To join us, start by watching this short introduction to ISS with SciShow Kids. Then, explore on your own using Google Earth ISS.

Watch a few Space to Ground dispatches from NASA. My favorite is about the first all female space walk last year!

And of course, no tour is complete without a trip to the facilities. I couldn’t find a NASA toilet tour, but luckily their colleagues at the European Space Agency were willing to share.

Finally, think about what it would take for humans to visit Mars or beyond with SciShow Kids, Physics Girl (and Bill Nye!), and National Geographic.

​Bonus: You have to watch this video from OK Go filmed in weightlessness! One of the Adventure Whales suggested it, and the other kids just kept writing, "WOW" in the chat until the end.


  • What do you think would be the best part of living at the International Space Station? What would be the hardest part?

  • Would you want to be an astronaut at the International Space Station? Why or Why not?

  • Would you want to be one of the first astronauts to go to Mars? Why or Why not?

  • What could we learn from going to Mars that would help us back on Earth?


Of course, one of the first challenges to space travel is getting into space. To do that, we use rockets. Make your own balloon rocket using this simple activity from the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Ready to take your balloon rocket to the next level? Make it into a multistage rocket with NASA.

Can’t get enough space tech? Visit the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to make a DIY cardboard rover to explore Mars when you arrive.


Post photos of your balloon rockets and thoughts on human space travel in the comments below, via Facebook, or by email!

Image credit: Created by Eli Kellett using PicsArt

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