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Outing #6: Where Water Meets Land

Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, Illinois, USA

penguins at Shedd Aquarium


The Adventure Whales voted to spend this week visiting places “where water meets land.” We’ll focus on how creatures have adapted to diverse ecosystems defined by water and land coming together. And what better place to start this adventure, but the world-class Shedd Aquarium!

To explore the Shedd, join their Aquarium Adventure Club via these sweet Sea Curious videos:

You can also tour the museum with some of their residents, the penguins! Since the aquarium is closed to visitors, they let the penguins roam the exhibits instead.


  • What adaptations help animals find or catch food?

  • What adaptations help animals avoid being eaten?

  • What clues in poop help veterinarians and scientists know what an animal has been eating?

  • What adaptation “super powers” do you wish you had?


Explore Shedd Aquarium's Underwater Beauty interactive exhibition to learn about how fish use shapes, colors, shimmer, and patterns to survive.

Then, get out your paper and markers to build your own fish (or a whole menagerie) using this New Jersey Sea Grant activity. Note: we had to make our own caudal fins because there weren’t any cutouts included. Keep your fish to decorate the coral reef you’ll make tomorrow.

Bonus: If you have the right materials on hand (or want to order them), make your own protective slime courtesy of the American Chemical Society. I don't know if it kills the COVID-19 virus, but being covered in slime probably encourages social distancing. (Tip: to maintain your sanity and make hand washing easier, leave out the glitter!)


Post your original fish and aquatic super powers in the comments below, via Facebook, or by email!

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