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A Journal of Be(e)utiful Pla(y)ces

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Welcome to the Journal of Be(e)utiful Pla(y)ces!

What is this journal (ok, blog) all about?

The Journal of Be(e)utiful Pla(y)ces is a travel log documenting the fun, family-friendly places that I visit with my kids. But, I have to warn you--I’m someone who makes museum exhibits and park experiences for a living. So, this blog will mostly be a place to capture my reflections as a participant observer simultaneously playing the roles of “mom” and “interpretive professional.” Therefore, my musings aim to inspire myself and my readers to dig into our experiences and think about how they relate to the research on learning, play, and what makes life memorable (or not) along the way.

Why would you want to read my journal?

Good question. I imagine that potential readers might be...

- fellow interpretive professionals interested in learning what other organizations are doing and how families react, as well as

- parents looking for interesting places to take their kids while getting a peak behind the curtain to see what the museums, parks, and researchers are thinking about when they make them.

(Or, maybe you’re my mom and you are just a lovely person who wants me to feel like I’m doing worthwhile things with my time and see cute photos of your grandkids.)

Whichever option you might be, I hope that you’ll share your favorite places to visit and ideas to ponder with me along the way!


Kyrie Kellett

Mom, applied anthropologist, interpretive planner, &

Founding Principal at Mason Bee Interpretive Planning

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